Seminar Summary

This seminar is meant to give a basic introduction to some of the ideas behind Etale Cohomology, its applications, and its interpretations. We meet at 3:30 in room 380-C. The material covered is suggested and presented by its participants: Jarod Alper, Rob Easton, Joe Rabinoff, Andrew Schultz, Ravi Vakil, Justin Walker, and Kirsten Wickelgren.

Lecture Notes

Below are rough notes from the seminar presentations. Given the nature of the seminar, the topics are rarely given a `complete' treatmeant and instead presented impressionistically---and often times incorrectly. Use at your own risk.

Helpful Links

There are some very nice resources for Etale Cohomology up on the web. In particular the McGill seminar on Etale Cohomology from 2003-2004 has many excellent resources. Their seminar webpage is located at

Milne also has coursenotes on Etale cohomology up on his site