Sharing mathematics outside the classroom

I enjoy sharing mathematics with people of varying backgrounds and interests, from students in elementary to graduate school. I have given colloquium-style talks on the topics below; contact me if you are interested in having me give a talk.
Climbing (or finding paths) through trees (Introduction to Computability/Graph Theory)
Finding Order in the Unknown: The Erdos-Szekeres Theorem (Combinatorics/Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem)
Gersgorin's circle's and Cassini's Oval's: Cheap ways to estimate eigenvalues (Linear Algebra)
Computability of linear orderings on groups (Introduction to Computability/Ordered groups)

Previous Courses

Wellesley College
Fall 2015
Number Theory (Inquiry based learning), Math 223
Set Theory, Math 309
Spring 2014
Linear Algebra, Math 206
Set Theory, Math 309
Honors Thesis, Math 370
Fall 2013
Multivariable Calculus, Math 205
Abstract Algebra, Math 305
Honors Thesis, Math 360
Spring 2013
Introductory Statistics, Math 101
Abstract Algebra, Math 305
Fall 2012
Calculus I, Math 115
Linear Algebra, Math 206
Spring 2012
Introductory Statistics, Math 101
Linear Algebra, Math 206
Fall 2011
Calculus II, Math 116
University of Notre Dame
Beginning Logic, Math 10130, Spring 2010.
Calculus I, Math 10550, Fall 2009.
Computable Model Theory (Graduate Topics in Logic), Spring 2009.

University of Chicago
Honors Calculus, Math 161, Math 162, Math 163, Academic Year 2007-2008.
SESAME Geometry (For In-Service Chicago Public School Teachers) Spring 07.
Studies in Mathematics: Geometry, Math 113 Winter 2007.
Studies in Mathematics: Number Theory, Math 112 Fall 2006.
Elementary Functions and Calculus, Academic Year 2004-2005.

Teaching & Outreach Links

Wellesley College

Department Colloquia
Student Seminar
Math Help Room
Pforzheimer Learning and Teaching Center
Science Center Summer Research Program
Sophomore Early Research Program

Other links

I've participated in or been involved with the following great programs.

Graduate Women at MIT Mentoring Program
Carleton College Summer Math Program for Women
Project NExT
Canada/USA Mathcamp
Notre Dame Math Club
Notre Dame Kaneb Center
U of C Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Student Chapter
University of Chicago Center for Teaching & Learning
SESAME Program
U of C Directed Reading Program (DRP)
Budapest Semesters in Mathematics
College of William and Mary Mathematics REU

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