I'm an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Wellesley College. Previously, I was a J.L. Doob Professor of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I finished my Ph.D. under the direction of Ravi Vakil at Stanford in 2007. I'm also an alumnus of the Project NExT program, part of the 2008-2009 Red08 Dots crew (R.E.D. red).

My basic research interests are algebraic, though more specifically I'm interested in Galois module structures of 'interesting' objects and Hilbert 90-like results. This has led me to dabble in some other fields as well, including algebraic geometry. You can find copies of papers and preprints for my work on my research page.

I also enjoy teaching a great deal, and have had the good fortune to teach a variety of topics at a variety of levels. Links for the classes I have taught so far can be found on my teaching page.

To the right you see a picture of me which has been compressed using the singular value decomposition from linear algebra. If you put your mouse over the image you can see the image compressed using singular values up to 41. Don't know about this amazing theorem or why it should allow you to compress images? I have a quick overview of the theory available here.

Contact Information

I'm located on the third floor of the Science Center, room W408. My office phone number is (781)-283-3131. You can email me at